A Day in My Life



I had to create a documentary on an average 24 hour day in my life. I recorded my life for 24 hours, developed a script, made a pie chart, recorded my voice for narration,  developed a video via Imovie, and published my video to YouTube.


Hello, For my VisCom class at CHS, I was required to create a project about a typical 24 hour day in the life of myself. The part of my life that I found very surprising was the amount of time spent walking or moving. The largest part of my life was sleeping, which was no surprise and the second largest part was school, which did not surprise me as well. The one that I knew was going to be small was the amount of time doing homework. My chores were also a decent portion of my 24 hour life. Entertainment and Exercise, such as T.V., video games, Netflix, basketball, and working out was also a decent sized portion of my life. Overall, I hoped you enjoyed learning about an average day in my life.

My Storyboard:

Film Editing:  

My Documentary:


What I Learned:

I learned before how to utilize GarageBand and how to edit an audio recording. I also learned before how to use Imovie and mesh pictures together and make a video.  Overall I learned how to make the process way more efficient and basically finished the project in 2 days. I though that my video flowed well and that the pictures fit together really well.  Here is a tutorial that I have watched. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-H_D-strX3k

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